Saturday, August 4, 2012

Turn old t-shirts into shopping bags in four steps!

I was on a website called Instructables and found a tutorial for upcycled t-shirts that I had to share. Take your old t-shirts that you can't get rid of for sentimental reasons and turn it into a shopping bag. Of course I tried it and it was another easy project.

The tutorial is self explanatory. But I did make a few changes to suit my needs. First, my t-shirt already had cap sleeves, so i didn't follow the instruction to cut off the sleeves. I cut the neck hole wider and less deep than the pic in the tutorial so that my picture didn't get cut off. And I added bias tape to make the mouth a little sturdier.

I couldn't throw away this t-shirt because it was given to me by a student.

To make it a little stronger, I added bias tape to the mouth of my new bag.

Extra wide double fold worked with the overall look of my tshirt.

All done and ready for shopping!

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